Social Media Worksheets

Use these worksheets to generate new ideas for social media content.

Feedback Sheet

The feedback sheet is used to gather feedback from people outside of your organization about the topics or questions you could address in your social media.

Self-Study Sheet

The self-study sheet offers you a chance to reflect on your organization's strengths and unique opportunities, which can be turned in to social media content.

Web Writing Cheatsheet

This web writing cheatsheet distills my web writing and editing workshop into a single pretty, printable sheet. (Shout out to our graphic designer, Sarah Ettinger, who designed it!)

Drupal Training Documentation

Content Strategy for Academic Departments

This document explains why our academic department sites look and work the way they do. It summarizes the research and design thinking behind our redesign process.


Throughout the migration, we covered all of this in conversations, but we found it helpful to have it in writing as well. It's a nice reminder for those who participated in the site migration, but it is also helpful when new people join a department and take an interest in their site.


Using the Article Content Type

This is fairly specific to our use of Drupal, but it covers the why and how of adding articles to your site. Generally, post-launch, our site editors won't need to add basic pages very often, so the article is the content type they will use most. This includes some discussion of copyright, as well as some tips for creating original stories. 



Tags have proven to be one of the trickiest concepts for many of our site editors, so I created this handout to explain what makes a good tag--and what doesn't. During training, we also looked at the tag library for their site so we could talk about the tags that my team put in place during migration.


Department Site Editing Checklists

This are checklist with weekly, monthly, termly, and yearly edits. The checklist is a starting point, not a mandate. During training, I spoke with site editors about how the list might be customized to reflect their particular programs and needs.